Spring Home Checklist

Real Estate

Don't let small problems grow into major repairs.  Inspect and, if necessary fix the following so your home stays in tip-top shape. 

Doors and Windows

.  Inspect  for broken glass, breached seals and damaged screens.

.  Ensure window and door hardware operates properly.


.  Check attic for water penetration.

.  Look for moisture in ceilings or around windows.

.  Check stairs and railings for loose/damaged parts.

.  Test smoke alarms. (Change batteries every 6 months.)

.  Inspect tile for missing grout.

.  Check caulking around showers, bathtubs, sinks and toilets.


.  Check foundation and chimney for deterioration.

.  Inspect wood surfaces for weathering or paint failure.

.  Check decks, porches, stairs and railings for loose/worn parts.

.  Make sure water doesn't pool around foundation.


.  Check for missing, loose or damaged shingles and flashing.

.  Inspect fascia and soffits for damage.

.  Clean gutters and downspouts.

Heating and Cooling

.  Clean or change furnace filters.

.  Remove materials that block furnace and air handler.

.  Service air conditioning system.


.  Examine supply valves for leaks or corrosion.

.  Check water heater for leaks or corrosion.

.  Inspect sinks, showers, toilets and tubs for leaks.

.  Check lawn sprinklers for leaks and adjust sprinkler heads.


.  Check exposed wiring for damage and wear.

.  Test circuit breakers and ground-fault/arc-fault interrupters.



Source: Amerispec Inspection Services