Safeguarding Your Home During Open Houses

Real Estate

Here are 15 tips to ensure you safeguard your home during an open house -


1. Never Picture anything of value in listing photos.

2.  Hide bills and other documents that might have your contact information, Social Security numbers or bank account numbers.

3.  Remove check book and bank deposit slips.

4. Lock up or remove jewelry and antiques.

5. Hide extra house keys, car keys and garage door openers.

6. Don't hide anything in your top dresser drawer, a place thieves are likely to look.

7. Hide smartphones, tablets and laptops.

8. Shut off desktop computers and lock them with a passcode.

9. Hide TV, computer and wifi passwords.

10.  Lock up prescription medicines.

11. Take videos or photos to record what was in each room before the open house occurred.

12. Make sure your Realtor has everyone sign in before touring the home.  

13.  After each open house, ask your Realtor to make sure all windows and doors are locked.

14.  Hide photos that show your family's faces.

15.  If you'll be away after the open house, ask a neighbor to check that all the doors are locked.

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