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One of the great things about life in Palm Beach County is the sheer number of lifestyle communities available that cater to most any interest and activity level.

In some cases, entire towns are devoted to a lifestyle.  Wellington is known for its singular focus on equestrian living and competitions, and Palm Beach Gardens is known for being the home of the PGA and the golfing community, while the area around Jupiter Inlet is home to boaters of all kinds.

A typical lifestyle community has facilities that cater to a particular interest, such as country club living, or only golf, boating, or a new trend, equestrian.

Lifestyle Living 

These communities typically offer a variety of home ownership options, with a mix of villas, town homes, high or mid-rise style condominiums, and freestanding homes of various sizes and scales.  Some also offer apartment rentals.  Many communities cater to 55+ age groups, and may have a variety of facilities in addition to traditional housing that is designed to permit one to age in place, such as independent living, assisted living and respite care, as well as rehabilitation and skilled nursing care facilities.

Many lifestyle communities are gated, and most have an overall corporate entity or association that manages the larger property.

Typically a membership in the featured lifestyle facility is required, for example, country club membership in communities with that focus, and often several tiers of membership are offered.  Some communities do not require membership.  Most of the communities have "villages" (subdivisions) within them that have a housing design in common, for example, one village may primarily be small, connected villas while another may be freestanding homes on several acre lots.

Each village is likely to have its own property, homeowners or condominium owners association, with a unique set of rules and regulations, as well as its own board of directors.  There are usually monthly maintenance fees that cover grounds maintenance and shared facilities within the village, such as a swimming pool or meeting space.

A lifestyle community may offer a range of activities for residents; depending on the size and complexity of the community, this can range from social events to international athletic tournaments.

There are Realtors in Palm Beach County who specialize in helping new residents locate the lifestyle community right for them.

Country Club Communities

Country club communities provide residents with access to championship golf courses and tennis courts, and sometimes special features such as beach access.  Many have athletic centers with a wide range of activities available, including swimming pools, gymnasiums, and spa services.  Country clubs also have amenities such as restaurants and lounges, pro shops, lessons with professionals, and a range of social activities.  Some communities are 55+ and others are designed for families of all ages.

Palm Beach offers some of the most elegant, exclusive and amenity-rich country club living in the United States.  While Palm Beach Gardens offers a high concentration of these communities, they are found everywhere in the county.  

Equestrian Living Communities

Florida's history as both a resort for the wealthy and an agricultural paradise for both ranchers and farmers has resulted in a large equestrian community in Palm Beach County, with dozens of gated and/or planned communities catering to those who love living with horses and other large animals - though horse ownership is not usually required.  Those who enjoy open, natural spaces will also find these communities a welcoming home.  Like other lifestyle communities, some may be 55+ while others are family-oriented.

Most equestrian focused communities have homes with attached facilities for the care and maintenance of horses and large animals.  These properties tend to have multi-acre lots of a larger size than typically available in a suburban setting.  Some homes can host one or two horses, while others may accommodate a much larger number.

These communities have extensive support for equestrian activities, including miles of trails, horse parks, and training rings.  Some offer small private airport access as well.  You may expect to pay either annual or monthly maintenance fees for common areas, and possibly other fees related to upkeep of trails and the use of various facilities.  Some communities may allow animals other than horses, for example, cattle and llamas.  Some homes are designed to accommodate large numbers of animals.  

Boating Lifestyle Communities

Florida is the worldwide hub of boating and yachting and some of the world's biggest boat shows.  Of course, there are beautiful private communities throughout Palm Beach County offering residences for those who love boating and want a special place to call home port.  Jupiter Inlet has a particular concentration of such communities, but many others are found along the inlets, coastal barrier islands, and even inland with deep water access by river or canal.

Many of these communities are highly luxurious, providing much more than homes with docks, golf courses, dining venues, clubhouses, fitness centers, spas - and other amenities are not uncommon. 

Not every person who lives on the water owns a boat.  Many homeowners love the natural beauty provided by living on one of Florida's scenic waterways, rivers or lakes, without wanting to engage in boat ownership.

Like other lifestyle communities, these may be gated, 55+ or family-oriented, and may have additional fees related to the maintenance of seawalls, docks, waterway access, and other similar costs.

So whatever your lifestyle is, Palm Beach County offers communities that cater to many interests, activities and pastimes.  Whether you have a passion for golf, boating, horses, or if you just enjoy the scenery and amenities, call me at 561-596-6136 to review your lifestyle needs and where you would feel comfortable and at home.

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