4 Early Fall Home Improvement Musts

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When it's summertime, homeowners are usually too distracted by the lure of beaches and festivals to focus on home improvement projects.  By the time the fall season arrives, there's usually a long list of things to do at your home.  The pressure to fix up your house can be overwhelming, so start by focusing on these four fall home improvement musts.

Give Your Rooms a Fresh Coat of Paint

Temperatures can reach 90 or 100 degrees in Florida and some other states during the summer, so it's usually too hot to embark on a home painting project.  But when the fall season arrives, the weather gets cooler and it's the perfect time to get some painting done.  Pick out the two or three rooms in your home where you spend the most time and add a fresh coat of paint to the walls in new colors.  If you have a porch that has become weathered over the summer, give it a new look with a couple of coats of exterior paint.

New Lighting Fixtures

You probably don't pay much attention to the condition and appearance of your lighting fixtures until you start to spend more time indoors in the fall and winter.  You'll significantly improve the appearance of your home by simply changing the lighting fixtures in your living room, dining room, and bedrooms.  Get slightly brighter bulbs to brighten up your rooms.  Also, remember that it starts to get dark earlier in the fall, so make sure that your outdoor lights are fully functional and the bulbs are replaced to last throughout the season.

Garage or Basement Cleanup

One smart fall home improvement project to take on is a thorough garage or basement cleanup.  Sweep away the grass trimmings, soil, and dirt that you may have tracked in after a long summer of yard work.  Take the time to organize your tools and supplies that are in storage boxes, drawers, and bins.  Toss empty bottles and expired products.  If the floor has seen better days, apply epoxy-coating - it will give your garage or basement a clean, fresh look.  Also, hire someone to do a routine check of your heating system, plumbing, and other units that are located in the garage or basement before the winter.

Apply Weather Seal or Replace Old Windows

If you have old windows in your home (a common trait of many homes that were built decades ago), apply weather seal to them to save on your energy bills.  Old windows often leave a crack at the bottom where cold air gets into your house, so add adhesive weather stripping.  This may also be the year that you'll want to invest in a new set of energy efficient windows to replace the old ones.

Get in gear early in the season by taking on these relatively simple but practical fall home improvement projects.  They will help you to enjoy your home more this fall and also save some money as you head into the winter months.